A straight up warrior when it comes to negotiating

I absolutely adore Deborah and would recommend her highly to anyone interested in buying a house in San Francisco or the Bay Area.

Deborah recently helped me buy my first home.  I was looking for a nearly impossible to find property: a one-bedroom single-family home under $400k in San Francisco that was NOT in Bayview/Hunter’s Point. To top it off, I wanted to find a property that would work with San Francisco’s incredible Mayor’s Office of Housing (MOH) program for down payment assistance.  Deborah helped me find a small fixer upper in Glen Park that was bank owned.  The process was intense, but Deborah negotiated hard from start to finish with both the bank and the MOH to make the transaction work.  After about three months I was able to close escrow; months later Deborah still continues to help me out with questions and advice regarding working with contractors and other miscellaneous new homeowner issues.  At every step in the process, she went above and beyond my expectations and delivered exceptional results.

Even though I had a small budget, I now own a home in Glen Park.  I love the house and am so happy that Deborah was able to help me become a homeowner.

In a real estate market as competitive as San Francisco, it is essential to have a real estate agent that knows the market and various programs that are available.  Deborah has been working the San Francisco real estate market for years and is a straight up warrior when it comes to negotiating.  She is the agent you want and need.

Lauren B.

She is fun and just a wonderful, caring person — I really liked working with her.

I had two condos in a six-unit building that needed to be sold. I was working with another agent at a different company who didn’t market the property well, and the first condo languished on the market for more than six months without a good offer. Because it had been on the market so long, it created the perception that it would be a cheap buy. Deborah came in with a brilliant strategy. She took that unit off the market, then she brought in stagers and created marketing materials for the second unit, which sold quickly for more than all the previous offers. She then used that sale to get the second-place bidder to do an off-market sale on the original condo. The two condos sold within a couple of weeks of each other. Deborah turned a really bad situation into a good situation.

Deborah has great instincts and really knows the San Francisco market. She is fun and just a wonderful, caring person — I really liked working with her.

Kelly DiGregorio

She was THE reason I had the perfect first-time buying experience

I bought my first home last year. I don’t think I need to tell anyone how intimidating and overwhelming buying a home for the first time is. The first thing I did was call Deborah. She came highly recommended from a friend and I can completely understand why. She was THE reason I had the perfect first-time buying experience. She is incredibly knowledgeable and knew the answers to the questions I needed to know before I knew I even had to ask them. She made what could have been a daunting experience downright pleasant and I will most certainly be working with her in the future.

bitts h.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah helps every bit of the way with sound advice and support

Everyone knows a friend who is a realtor… BUT that doesn’t mean you should use them. It’s really all about experience,connections and commitment- and Deborah has it all. Buying a home is like playing a chess game and no one can help you play the game better then Deborah. It’s an incredibly complex and frustrating process, but Deborah helps every bit of the way with sound advice and support. She is dedicated to her profession, and has a great sense of humor to make the stressful process more enjoyable.  I cant recommend her enough if you are thinking of buying or selling!

Dexter H.
San Francisco, CA


We’ve bought two places and sold one with Deborah as our agent.  Deborah made the transactions easy and we like the fact that she is an attorney- she has a deeper understanding of the documents you are working with than someone who just went to a real estate training course.  We’ve referred a number of friends to her that have all been equally pleased.  And, as another reviewer pointed out- SHE’S FUN!

C. W.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah is tops

Deborah is tops.  As an architect I’ve had the priviledge of working with her professionally, chipping in when needed to help her clients understand all the parameters around some changes they’d need to make to have a particular project meet their needs. Deborah doesn’t selfishly push her clients into questionable properties just to close the deal. She’s patient in every stage of the process, helping buyers find the RIGHT fit for them. She’s since represented close personal friends of mine and the reviews are all through the roof. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Brian M.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah partnered with us through the whole process; it was like working with a friend. We trust her judgement, knowledge and experience.

We were relocating from Los Angeles and were not at all familiar with the Bay Area real estate market, so we were referred to Deborah through a colleague. We weren’t sure whether we’d live in San Francisco or the East Bay, whether we’d buy or rent first, and Deborah spent a lot of time helping us understand the city, the market and the neighborhoods. She really worked to get a sense of who we are and understand our lifestyle needs and wants. When she took us to Rockridge in the East Bay, we realized it was exactly where we wanted to be. She helped us do a thorough market analysis and understand the range of opportunities, then she helped us present an offer, which was accepted. Deborah partnered with us through the whole process; it was like working with a friend. We trust her judgement, knowledge and experience. Thanks to Deborah, we made the right choice. Every day, we walk in and say, “I love this house.”

Monica Lozano

She takes the stress out of buying and selling real estate in the competitive SF market.

We’ve known Deborah almost 10 years, and during that time, she’s helped us buy and sell multiple houses in San Francisco. She always takes the time to get to know her clients and understand their needs and expectations. Deborah’s law background, in combination with her network and knowledge of the SF market, makes her the agent you want on your side, whether you are buying or selling a house. She is incredible throughout the whole process — including helping us with pricing, getting ready to put the house up on the market, creating marketing materials, submitting offers, negotiating, and explaining all the disclosures and the closing process. She goes above and beyond the call of duty and is a true professional no matter what comes up. She’s patient, hard-working and always makes you feel like you are her top priority while you’re working together.

We can’t say enough good things about our experiences working with Deborah and, without hesitation, recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell. She takes the stress out of buying and selling real estate in the competitive SF market.

Shanarae and Giles Goodwin

I am looking to do it again and I will only use Deborah

Deborah Lopez is an amazing realtor. In 2002 I decided I wanted to buy a home. I did a tremendous amount of research and interviewed about 10 realtors. I really liked that she knew San Francisco like the back of her hand, had been in the business for years (not one of those young newbies from out of state) and held a law degree.

She didn’t bat an eye when I disclosed I couldn’t afford a million dollar home and that my friend and I wanted to find a fixer upper TIC – as that is what the two of us could afford. Well…we found it. We found a gorgeous two unit building in Cole Valley. The building was on the market, needed a lot of renovation and was renter occupied (both units). Anyone who knows anything about renters in this city…would have run. She advised us to meet with an attorney and get truly educated so that we would make an informed decision. She did not just try to make us do a buy like many realtors do…she wanted us to be happy and smart about what we were getting into.

We met with the attorney, learned about renter rights and moved forward. I am now a proud owner of a wonderful Condo in Cole Valley – not a TIC. Deborah made sure we met everyone we needed to help us go from a TIC to Condo. She was with us from purchase in 2002 all the way to conversion in 2007.

I’ve recommended her to all my friends and I think she is wonderful. I am looking to do it again and I will only use Deborah Lopez.

Kathleen S.
San Francisco, CA

Responsible, experienced, smart realtor

If you are looking for a responsible, experienced, smart realtor who can make things happen, call Deborah Lopez. And she’s fun, too!

J. & G. B.

Patient & pragmatic

We totally scored our dream home–mid-century two-unit building on 22nd at Fair Oaks–because of Deborah. I give you Deborah in three tidy bullet points:

  • Experienced & trustworthy. Real estate can be a bit of a slimy business. Deborah is smart, honest, well-connected and strategic.
  • Patient & pragmatic. Educated us about the market and its sometimes frightening realities.
  • Fun. Given the sheer number of houses you’ll see and papers you’ll sign that’s really important.

I’m looking forward to working with her again.

David c.
San Francisco, CA

She knows every square inch of the city

Deborah represented us as a buying agent for our new duplex. She is the strong force you want on your side in the sizzling hot areas of San Francisco.

We found ourselves floundering, facing multiple bids and getting nowhere, then Deborah stepped in and got it done! She is aggressive on your behalf, but not overbearing.  The perfect touch in a fast-moving market!

I still talk to her regularly for home service referrals, and she gives the same dedicated attention after the sell as before.  Deborah lives and works in the city and knows everyone.  She provides full service, above and beyond.

A great connection!

btw – Deborah’s located in Noe Valley.  She assisted us in our search in the Richmond, but she knows every square inch of the city.  The location listed on Yelp, I assume, refers to Paragon’s main office.

Christina B.

Deborah worked with us tirelessly.

Deborah worked with us tirelessly. When we were buying, she was very honest about the realities of San Francisco real estate, as well as with her assessments of houses. She helped find us homes that weren’t necessarily listed on the MLS, and she introduced us to neighborhoods we hadn’t previously thought about.

When we were selling, she was a great advocate for us. When you’re selling a TIC, you really need to know the ins and outs. She did, but the buyer’s agent didn’t. Deborah was proactive and did everything she could to ensure the deal closed in a reasonable amount of time. She even told the buyer what he needed to do to move it forward. She was with us every step of the way. She is a great negotiator, very thorough and very knowledgeable about San Francisco. She knows the agents, the streets, the properties, and she understands what it’s like to buy or sell in the city — it’s a very complicated place.

Deborah is just a lovely person. She is very real, very grounded, honest and smart.

Cara Hirsch and Christian Niles

Deborah is an amazing real estate agent!

Deborah is an amazing real estate agent!  She is personable, very smart and knowledgeable, and she has tons of experience in San Francisco.  She is patient, easy to talk to, and really listened to what we wanted.  She helped us through a somewhat complicated purchase of a TIC.  We didn’t know much about TICs, so her extensive real estate and legal background really helped us.  She went above and beyond in helping us negotiate with the seller and with the other buyers in the building.  And she recommended excellent inspectors, who found some existing problems in the building and saved us thousands.  We are so happy with our purchase – it’s the perfect place.  I highly recommend her services!!

Z L.
San Francisco, CA

Her credibility with the listing agents made a huge difference

My wife and I (and 2 young kids) moved back to the Bay Area after having spent 4 years on the east coast. We knew what we wanted and Deborah was a great fit for us. She attended open houses with us, reviewed the details of homes so she could fully understand our needs, and provided great advice and counsel as we submitted bids. It took only 3 offers to get the home we wanted. All of our offers were competitive without been excessive. Her credibility with the listing agents made a huge difference and was critical to our success in getting the home we wanted.

Bought a home in 2011 in Parkside, San Francisco, CA 94116

I have nothing but praise for Deborah. She made selling my house as painless as it could be.

I was selling the only house I’ve ever had; I lived there almost 50 years and it was very hard for me. Deborah took care of everything — from the house cleaners to the painters to the window washers — to get my house ready to sell. She even recommended movers! She left me worry-free. She was detail-oriented and very organized about the way she presented the house and the way she took in offers. I was so pleased, and she got me a really terrific price. I have nothing but praise for Deborah. She made selling my house as painless as it could be.

Marysia Springenberg

Deborah was absolutely looking out for my best interest, and she’s really good at striking a result that is fair for all parties.

I worked with Deborah to both purchase and sell a property in San Francisco. I appreciate her personality, her candidness and her transparency. With Deborah, I always feel that I am working with someone who not only gives me the most accurate lay of the land and the truth, but she also brings to that all of her experience and expertise in the marketplace.

In selling my property, Deborah was expert in getting the property ready for sale. She had really good people at her disposal who helped make the property shine and be represented at its best during the sale. She didn’t just hand me a list of names — she helped coordinate and manage everything and made it an easy process for me.

Deborah was absolutely looking out for my best interest, and she’s really good at striking a result that is fair for all parties. Deborah is an expert in the marketplace, easy to work with, and she always has your best interest at heart.

David Diamond

Very patient with us

While living overseas, I asked some friends in SF for referrals for RE agents in the area.  A friend of mine referred me to Deborah, and I can’t thank him enough!  She helped my husband and I start the search for our first home while we were still living in Germany!!  She was very patient with us as we were learning the SF market.  She work with our schedule when we took a short trip to SF from Germany, showed us all the places we had on our list!

After getting serious about one or two places, she found us our first home together!!  We are extremely happy with our home, and with our experience with Deborah!  She became family to us through the process.  She understood our needs, our financial boundaries, and our goals. I would recommend her 100% to anyone interested in owning a piece of SF!

Lauren M.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah states things as they are; she is very direct about what to expect and how to play the game.

I’ve done three transactions with Deborah during the past six years. From the very first time she helped me find a property, she was extremely patient. She landed me a great property that yielded a high return when I sold it. She’s really accurate — she was spot-on about the sale price. Then she helped me find a new two-unit property. She bent over backward and worked many late hours for us. Deborah states things as they are; she is very direct about what to expect and how to play the game. As you change your life, and you need to change your real estate portfolio to support that life, she’s there to support you. She’s a really caring person, and she’s in it for the long term. I’ll continue to use her as long as she’s a realtor in this city.

Ken Poudrier

You can’t go wrong with Deborah if you’re looking for a place in San Francisco.

Deborah helped us buy our first home in San Francisco. She knew the city backward and forward. We were looking for something very specific, and she found our loft, which was perfect — and turned into a great investment property. When it was time to sell it nine years later, Deborah helped us renovate it, get it listed and sold it within two weeks. At the same time, she was flexible enough to help us find a new home in San Carlos.

Deborah helped us buy our most recent home in Pacific Heights. She’s very attentive and always ready to help find the right referral for you. If she doesn’t know something, she finds someone who does. When you go on home tours, people know her, and she’s very knowledgeable about the neighborhoods and the market. She is diligent, responsive and extremely resourceful. She has great follow-up, which is not a given in this industry. The fact that she is a lawyer helps a lot, too. She can handle technical documents — not every realtor can help you navigate complicated processes.

You can’t go wrong with Deborah if you’re looking for a place in San Francisco. I had to go through this process for commercial real estate, and the number of realtors we went through made me realize how lucky we were working with Deborah for residential properties.

Michele Senders Tom and David Tom

Helped us way beyond the call of duty

I met Deborah while going through an open house for the house we ended up buying and it couldn’t have been luckier. Deborah is a terrific agent from start to finish. She was patient, competent, and helped us way beyond the call of duty. I would recommend her without hesitation!

Shanarae G.
San Francisco, CA

I would definitely recommend Deborah – in fact, we’ve already recommended her to our neighbors!

Deborah is such an exuberant and positive person. She came to us highly recommended by a discerning neighbor, and from the very first meeting, she was so easy to work with and nothing ever ruffled her feathers in selling our Bernal Heights home.

Her many years in the business has allowed her to establish a wide range/berth of colleagues who were available at a moment’s notice to step in when needed. These ranged from contractors to photographers to financial folks. You got the feeling she was incredibly well-respected by both her colleagues and other industry professionals. When Deborah placed a call to request a needed service or consultation, I was amazed folks responded in less than five minutes. Pretty darn impressive! She was always a step ahead, getting us prepared for the next phase of the process.

From baking cookies – herself! – for our open houses, to having virtual staging done for our lower level, where actual staging didn’t fit into our budget, she really went above and beyond. When it came time for us to buy a new home in Sonoma, she set us up with a Paragon realtor up there. She put us in really good hands, and even continued to check in with us and the new realtor. The entire process, selling and buying, couldn’t have been better. I would definitely recommend Deborah – in fact, we’ve already recommended her to our neighbors!

Julie Cavallero and Susan McKenzie

Choosing to work with Deborah was the best decision we could have made.

Choosing to work with Deborah was the best decision we could have made. We don’t know of anyone in the industry who can offer her combination of decades of experience and personal attention/dedication to her clients.

N.G & E.S.

Deborah’s deep and broad connections throughout San Francisco were clear and helpful

Deborah navigated us through many, many property prospects before we bought our lovely home. Her patience with our multitude of detailed questions, her continued interest despite our sometimes waffling thoughts and her intuitive smarts about property pricing was only balanced by Deborah’s exhaustive knowledge of the real San Francisco as a place to live and raise children. Anything from how municipal departments intersected with a new homeowner’s experience to the style of how local realtors do business were topics of conversation during our buying process.

It’s worth noting that Deborah’s deep and broad connections throughout San Francisco were clear and helpful too! They became invaluable to us after our purchase when we reached out to her a handful of times for recommendations for arborists, housecleaners, handy mans, custom window craftsmen, floor refinishers…you have a need and Deborah has a contact.

In a more personal way, I felt comfortable working with Deborah right from the beginning. She never judged our opinions or overlooked our anxieties as first time home buyers even if some of the concerns we brought to her were certainly those that she may have heard in the past as a seasoned agent. Yet, Deborah had a way of weaving together all of these hesitations when it came time to move through our home’s negotiation process. She raised our attention to these hesitations and worked through them with us so we could come out the other side and buy the house we wanted.

It didn’t hurt that Deborah is also an attorney with a history of working within the San Francisco city departments. Well versed, well known and well rounded.

I recommend Deborah without reservation. She is a gem of a professional!

Bought a Single Family home in 2011 in Forest Hill, San Francisco, CA.

She will do whatever it takes to get the job done

My experience with Deborah when she helped my husband and I buy our house in San Francisco was so positive that we entrusted her with helping our daughter purchase her first home a year later. I can’t think of a higher compliment. We thought she worked hard for us, but that was only the tip of the iceberg compared to the service she gave our daughter! Simply put, she will do whatever it takes to get the job done (as long as it’s legal and ethical). This is our 10th home purchase; it was our daughter’s 1st home purchase. No matter what your needs may be, Deborah can handle it. If you want a great experience with a successful outcome, call Deborah!

Bought a Single Family home in 2009 in Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA.

Deborah LISTENED to what we wanted.

Deborah was our agent on both the buy and sell sides in SF during 2013.Deborah did a fantastic job for us. Deborah LISTENED to what we wanted. And HEARD what we wanted. She was respectful of our time always. On the sell side she made all the right moves timing-wise and staging-wise, to our mutual significant benefit. Great choice!

R.F & M. C.

She has an amazing network and just knows SF inside and out

I cannot say enough about Deborah’s talent as a realtor and commitment to her clients.  I was introduced to Deborah back in 2005 and with her guidance and support I bought my first place in SF. After nearly 5 years in my TIC, for personal reasons, I decided to sell my interest in the unit.  There was no question in my mind that I would use Deborah, as during the years she has always been available to me when I had a question or needed a referral for something going on in the building (she has an amazing network and just knows SF inside and out).

Deborah helped me get everything ready quickly, offered great counsel and worked very hard for the best deal through some unexpected bumps in the road. I personally think a less experienced realtor would have thrown up their hands.  I’m happy to report that our sale was a success and would not hesitate to recommend Deborah to anyone looking to buy/sell their place. I look forward to working with her again in the future, as she is truly committed to her clients’ success and knows all the ins and outs of the SF real estate market.

Alissa V.
San Francisco, CA

If problems arose, she found ways to solve them. We recommend Deborah highly.

Deborah is very easy to work with. We had a lot to do to get our house ready for sale, and she took charge and did everything for us — the floors, the staging, the painting, the plumber. She has resources for everything, and they all did good work. She made it very easy for us to deal with everything; she eased our stress, and she just did what needed to be done. If problems arose, she found ways to solve them. We recommend Deborah highly.

I know everything is going to be handled well and that she’ll get everything done right.

I’ve worked with Deborah three times and have been very satisfied every time. She is just on the ball, and she has a really good team that supports her efforts. I’ve come to rely on her expertise and efficiency. I know everything is going to be handled well and that she’ll get everything done right. On my most recent sale, she even threw me a going-away party — how many realtors do that? I recently referred her to friends, and I know she’ll do a great job for them.

Jack Carroll

Deborah orchestrated everything so easily.

We relocated to San Francisco from New York, and Deborah was recommended by a friend. We are experienced real estate investors. We knew exactly the neighborhood we wanted, and we needed a house that could hold three cars. We also knew how unusual the San Francisco real estate market is, and we were very eager to have a place to call home.

Deborah helped us develop a strategy and make all the right decisions. We used her app and reviewed properties constantly, as did she. With Deborah’s help, we identified the perfect property. She pulled together comps for the neighborhood and helped us determine the right offer. Through the whole process, we were in constant contact with her via e-mail, text and phone — and she was in Thailand the whole time!

There were a lot of circumstances in our purchase scenario that were so unusual, but at every turn, Deborah was flexible — even with the whole purchase taking place while she was in Thailand. The day after she got back, jet lag and all, she did her broker’s inspection, and we closed within two weeks.

There were many opportunities for things to go wrong, but everything went perfectly and smoothly. Deborah orchestrated everything so easily. Through this process, she earned a lifelong friendship, and my trust.

George Acosta

A true expert in the art of negotiating

Deborah is a true expert in the art of negotiating and dealing with all the parties involved in buying a house (no matter how difficult). We put an offer on a home we absolutely loved, and the seller was nothing less than impossible to work with – Deborah took immediate charge of the situation, kept our stress levels down, and closed the deal. Nothing short of a miracle worker! She was there every step of the way, was extremely thorough – from getting inspections and following up with other professionals – to answering our questions and concerns at all hours of the day.

Deborah has a unique background in law as well as extensive knowledge in San Francisco real estate – which proved an invaluable asset with the mounts of legal jargon, paperwork, and writing offers/contingencies. She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes the process fun and enjoyable.

Bought a home in 2011 in San Francisco, CA.

Deborah is patient and hard-working, enthusiastic and funny.

Deborah is patient and hard-working, enthusiastic and funny. During the whole process, she did a great job of balancing our needs as a couple, managing our expectations, and making me feel really listened to and heard. She is a good negotiator, and she nailed both the list price and the purchase price for us.

Deborah is a real relationship-builder, so you don’t feel like “one and done.” Even after a transaction ends, she does a great job of keeping the relationship going and keeping things current. I have come to really trust her, and I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone, including my own clients.

Joe Freund

Boy did that work out well!

Deborah did a fantastic job for us.  We had been looking for a new home after 30 years in a family home which no longer suited an empty nest lifestyle.  We had a number of requirements.  Deborah told us later she despaired of ever finding that “perfect” place, but SHE DID.  She helped us look at the new home (condo in a small building) and neighborhood, and strategize on a bid, which was successful.  For some technical reasons we couldn’t close for a couple of months, during which time Deborah helped us line up a stager and get work done on our old house to prepare it for sale.  The moment we moved out the workers, painters, stager took over.  By the time they were done we hardly recognized our home.  There were some great photos and the advertising was terrific.  As the time for sale came near we debated the asking price, and Deborah advised a strategy designed to solicit bids.  Boy did that work out well!   With the house on the market only 9 days we obtained 6 offers, all for all cash and all over the asking price.  Some of the offers WAY over the asking price.   All in all, Deborah and her team performed flawlessly.  And best of all, Deborah is very down to earth, approachable, funny, someone we are delighted to call a friend as well as an agent.

Em C.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah’s experience and law degree helped close the deal

Deborah recently helped me find my first home/apartment in North Beach San Francisco. Throughout the entire process she was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. My situation was extremely unique, my TIC building and my unit specifically was tied up with several legal issues since the prior owner was in a lawsuit from the previous seller. Deborah’s experience and law degree helped close the deal after most agents would have given up. I could not be more grateful for having found Deborah on Zillow, and now that I’m settled I’m glad to be able to call her a friend not just my real estate agent.

Sold a Condo home in 2015 in North Beach, San Francisco, CA.

Highly dependable

Deborah is the best. She helped us in so many ways buying our new home. I would recommend her to anyone. She is extremely experienced, very easy to work with, and highly dependable.

Giles G.
San Francisco, CA

Deborah was the angel at my shoulder

This letter of appreciation barely begins to describe the professionalism and complete care and service I received from Deborah Lopez when she handled the sale of my mother’s Diamond Heights home after her passing. From Day 1 she was always available to guide, counsel and support me in the tangled legal and emotional web of selling a home. From the initial assessment of what work needed to be done, to getting the best bids from contractors with whom she had a long working relationship, to being present in the house every time a worker was there (when I couldn’t be, which was most of the time), to helping coordinate payment, she saw the job through, from beginning to end, in the most thorough way imaginable. When the sale got challenging after the initial offer was completely bungled (by the other side), she encouraged patience, had a new plan in place immediately, carried it out two days later, which led to the accepted offer within the week. We handled all the paperwork electronically which enabled me to continue with my life and work uninterrupted. Deborah was the angel at my shoulder. I am forever grateful.

Sold a Single Family home in 2012 in Diamond Heights, San Francisco, CA.

She was so awesome

I reviewed Deborah after we purchased our house because she was so awesome during the search and purchase process.  But, as it turns out there are issues with the house that were not disclosed to us when we bought it.  Deborah has been GREAT on the follow through.  As she says, she is our realtor for life, not just for one transaction.  We are still dealing with the problems, but Deborah is at the forefront constantly working with all those involved.  She is just the best!

Greta B.
San Francisco, CA

Enabled us to sail through easily and happily

Deborah Lopez is extremely knowledgeable, professional and motivated. She is the best advocate one can have. We purchased two properties with Deborah as our agent, and although navigating the San Francisco real estate climate can be discouraging, Deborah enabled us to sail through easily and happily. I would HIGHLY recommend using Deborah Lopez as your agent, to buy or sell.

Bought a home in 2011 in Noe Valley, San Francisco, CA