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Planning Department – New Hours

I thought it would be helpful to let everyone know that the Building and Planning , 3R division, ask desk at Planning, etc. at 1660 Mission Street have new hours that start at 9:30am. This change took place on 7/15.

I have added a new link to my blog –  This site is a gathering place for women homeowners. 
Whether you are a widow, a single mom, a divorcee, single by choice, living with a female partner, or even married this site is a valuable resource for your real estate concerns. Many women today still face inequities in the home purchase process, and other business decisions. This site provides you a place to find answers to your questions, gain insight to buying real estate and access to a network of professional women who understand your concerns.

Securing a jumbo: No small task

(Received from the California Association of Realtors)

Qualifying for a jumbo loan—those with loan amounts higher than the conventional conforming loan limit of $729,750 in high-cost areas—is more difficult than it was a few years ago.
While rates on jumbo mortgage historically have been higher than rates on conforming loans, jumbo loans still are available, but often come with stringent underwriting requirements.  Prior to the credit freeze, borrowers of jumbo mortgages could qualify for loans with a 5 percent down payment, credit scores of 620 and enough money in the bank to cover two months of payments.  Now, borrowers typically must have six months’ reserves, a 700 credit score, and a down payment of at least 20 percent.

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10 Pricey Cities That Pay Off – SF is #1

The is an excellent US News & World Report article about cost vs. value in real estate: what you get for what you pay in different cities. This article rated San Francisco #1 in its list of top 10 productive/valuable cities:

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Goldstar for half-price tickets!

Check out this site I found called Goldstar. They have half-price tickets and member reviews of concerts, sports, theater and more.

I’m already a member!

Lockbumping: Protect Yourself!

Lock Bumping In The News – San Francisco #3For more amazing video clips, click here

Fillmore Jazz Festival 2009

The Largest Free Jazz Festival on the West Coast

Every summer, the Fillmore Jazz Festival welcomes more than 90,000 enthusiastic guests, who gather to celebrate a prosperous tradition of jazz, culture and cuisine against the picturesque backdrop of Fillmore Street.

July 4th and 5th

10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Fillmore Street, between Jackson and Eddy in San Francisco.

2009 Entertainment Schedule

California running out of $10,000 tax credits

First-time home buyers wanting to take advantage of the state’s $10,000 tax credit may have less time than originally expected.  California set aside $100 million to help home buyers purchase newly built homes, hoping to jump start the residential-construction market.  According to state officials, the tactic has worked well and is helping to entice home buyers into the market.  However, there only is approximately 20 percent of the program’s funding remaining.

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“Foreclosure Moratorium” explained

Recent news headlines have caused confusion by mischaracterizing the new California Foreclosure Prevention Act as a “90-day moratorium” and incorrectly stating that the lender must modify delinquent loans before it begins foreclosure. In reality, the foreclosure process for certain owner-occupied residential first trust deeds has been extended by 90 days, effective June 15, but an exemption is available for lenders with comprehensive loan modification programs as defined by the Act.

Under pre-existing law, a lender must wait three months after filing a notice of default before it can file a notice of sale. The new California Foreclosure Prevention Act extending that time frame by another 90 days may not have much practical impact.  For more information on the new law, go to C.A.R.’s legal article “Housing Stimulus Laws for 2009” at