Seven Tips for a Warm and Green Holiday Season!

Seven Tips for a Warm and Green Holiday Season!

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Deborah Lopez

This has been a challenging year for all of us and I’m glad the holidays have rolled around to bring some good cheer. The best part of my business is seeing my clients happily settled in their new homes, so the holidays always have a special meaning to me…because as the saying goes…

there’s no place like home!

by Deborah Lopez, San Francisco Realtor

As I’ve helped clients through this bad real estate market, it’s been really wonderful to get people moved to homes that will make their lives better.

I feel blessed to have had so many successes as new clients have found their special places, old friends have sold and moved away to warmer climates and families have downsized or upsized to make their lives easier. Truly, this holiday season is even more special because we’ve come through such a challenging time.

As my family and I prepare for the holiday season, we’ve thought more about what we can do to help others and the environment this year. Here are some ideas we’ve collected (with thanks and credit to Cole Hardware  and Avi Green Now ) and we’re always looking for more. If you have a great idea, please share them here for all to enjoy!

7 Tips to Make Your Holiday Season Warm and Green!

1.  Instead of giving gifts at our annual family Chanukah gift exchange game, we’re going to gather books to donate to the annual toy drives. We’re each bringing our favorite children’s book (could be a toy, too) and then putting them all in a big plastic bag. The game will be to guess whose favorite the item is before we deliver them. I know we’ll have fun while at the same time doing some good for others! I’m adding a few dozen cookies for the volunteers – they sure deserve a treat.

2. Go through your closets for old coats and warm clothes and recycle them to shelters where people need them.

3.  Find a non-profit that’s doing an electronic-recycling drive.  Empty your shelves of cell phones, monitors, old hard drives and other electronics that no longer work for you, but could help others.

4.  Help deliver holiday baskets to the elderly with Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly. But get there early because SO many people show up to help. Christmas is a big day for them. Or volunteer at Glide or any number of places that serve shut-ins and the homeless. It will brighten your day as well as theirs.

5.  Wrap your gifts in recycled items – old maps, the comics, brown paper bags or scraps of fabric sewn together can replace holiday wrapping paper ( rarely 100% recycled).

6.  Put your holiday lights on timers and get LED lights if you’re buying new ones to conserve energy.  And don’t forget to use CFL bulbs all year round – it really does help.

7.  Pack boxes with unshelled peanuts or uncooked pasta noodles or buy compostable packaging (it exists)! But the peanuts can be eaten, too!

Take good care and from my house to yours, we wish you all the best for a safe, healthy and very happy holiday season and may 2010 bring all good things!

What other ideas do you have to help others or make this holiday green?

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