10 High-End Remodel Ideas – For Under 100K

10 High-End Remodel Ideas – For Under 100K

This is a great article that was brought to us by James Dixon, an architect who has given presentations at Paragon in the past. Enjoy!

Why should you spend any money on your home at this time? Well, that’s a good question and here’s one answer:

You can get a great amount of work for your money and increase your ROI by taking advantage of the current economy and a new approach to home renovation. This is the time for opportunity.

People are spending more time in their homes and are spending money improving what they have; there is more of a “stay in” rather than “go out” mentality. Here are ten ideas that reflect that mentality and were built for $100,000 or less, some for much less. These projects were built in San Francisco and the immediate area so the pricing may be lower in your area. However, wherever you live, these projects show that re-design is within reach at any budget.

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