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Housing Market May Have Turned a Pivotal Corner

By Julie Haviv – Analysis

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The coast-to-coast fire sale in the U.S. housing market appears at long last to have caught a bit of a bid.

Yes, residential real estate remains in the throes of the worst downturn since the Great Depression. Yes, home prices are the lowest in six years and still falling. And yes, it still takes three quarters of a year to sell a house.

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High End vs. Low End Market Statistics

SF Real Estate Market Makes Major Shift to Lower-Priced Homes, as Higher-End Market Declines

Comparison of SF House, Condo and TIC sales 10/15/08 – 1/30/09 with one year earlier by price range

Total # of Sales:  down 27% – 30%*     Total Dollar Volume:  down 43% – 46%*

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